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Small Banks are On-line with Help from Integrators

One of the tenets of financial success is to be where money changes hands, and be one of the hands. A software integration firm in the Midwest is deeply involved in moving money electronically. They specialize in communication software for Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), remote bank teller systems, and point-of-sale authorization routing.

Their largest customer supplies community banks all over the country with a full line of banking software. "It's used by banks with anywhere from twenty million dollars in assets to several billion," according to their president. "Half of them don't even have a data processing department, they rely on my client."

When those banks need to step into the world of data communications, the integrator is ready. "They might want to hook up ATMs from various vendors, or open a remote branch. There's a lot of pressure for them to connect to a network switch provider for transaction authorization." Authorizing credit card advances is critical to protect a bank's assets, and allowing debit cards to be used at gas stations and grocery stores also requires switch membership. "A small community bank can give the electronic green light to stores and catalog order takers just like the multi-nationals."

The company has also provided the communications software for the switch itself. "An intercept processor acts like a credit card authorization router. When you use your card, it goes to one of our systems to determine which bank is responsible for the authorization. Then it passes the go / no-go back to the store making the request."

Their expertise is in making sure the proper bits reach the right place in the proper sequence. "With dozens of protocols, operating systems, frame sizes and access controls, it becomes a very exacting science. Fortunately, we found ARTIC adapter cards and programming tools from Quadron."

Quadron Corporation has been writing and marketing communications cards and software for them since 1986. Quadron's customers are Fortune 500 leaders in telecommunications, finance, medicine, and transportation.

The firm's president says he would recommend Quadron to others, "in a heartbeat. With their boards and software I can get more communications ports on a single PC, and I can take the same application and run it, untouched, on a board for DOS, OS/2 or Unix. In fact, when we ran into some trouble with a Unix server, we just shipped it to Quadron and they made it work for us. It's tough to find customer service like that these days."

They appreciate the way Quadron software shields them from the lowest level bit wrangling. The Developer's Toolkit provides a high level C-language API. "I don't have to be bothered with port initialization, baby-sitting the transmission or handling the interrupts. I can concentrate on the device drivers. Hooking up a different vendor's ATM is hard enough without having to watch every bit."

"I rate Quadron's technical acumen as Excellent," their president continues. "Without them, I'd spend more time than I have resolving protocol problems. We now have a mobile ATM in the field that can be driven anywhere and connects to the bank over cellular phone or satellite. A bank can now service a sporting event or a disaster area in a matter of hours. I don't want to think about how long that application would have taken without support from Quadron's cards, software tools, and customer support."


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