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Digi SYNC 2000


ARTIC Replacement

Quadron has selected the SYNC 2000, made by Digi International, as our choice for replacement of ARTIC adapters. The SYNC 2000 has many features that make it a suitable candidate for this task. These features include:

  • On-board Motorola PowerQUICC processor

  • 4 MB RAM

  • 2 or 4 Port Configurations

  • Wide Range of  Electrical Interfaces Selectable per Port

  • Universal PCI 3.3 & 5.0 Volt

Porting to the Digi SYNC 2000

Quadron has successfully ported two customer applications to the SYNC 2000 from ARTIC to date. The first is a 3270 BISYNC protocol package for Diebold PC911 and Fujitsu Automatic Tell Machines. This software acts as a multi-point master on multiple lines, managing downstream ATMs.

The second application supports the 6-bit synchronous Airline Link Control (ALC) protocol. The unique nature of ALC prevents many PC serial communication devices from being able to handle this protocol. The SYNC 2000 is able to handle this protocol while simultaneously performing X.25 on another communication port.

Quadron's specialty is the ability to provided multi-port, multi-protocol solutions using an intelligent coprocessor adapter. Contact us to see how we can assist you in porting your old ARTIC applications to this new, versatile adapter.



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