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Quadron's qLAPB software provides a complete implementation of the industry-standard, Link Access Protocol-Balanced (LAP-B) protocol for ARTIC communication cards that reside in PC workstations and servers. It utilizes a qLAPB task that runs on the ARTIC card and contains all frame-level procedure code needed to implement LAP-B. Versions of qLAPB are available for the Windows NT operating system.


Supports Windows NToperating systems
Offloads LAP-B processing from the PC to an ARTIC card
Users can fine-tune performance with multiple LAP-B parameters
Tasks written with standard C compilers run on host PC
Diagnostic displays show low-level HDLC activity as well as frame history
Enables access to standard C library functions and host memory from ARTIC tasks
Compatible with most ARTIC cards
Other Quadron software can run simultaneously on the same ARTIC card

Putting ARTIC to work  The I/O-intensive processing required by the LAP-B protocol makes it ideal for offloading from the host PC onto the ARTIC card. All levels of LAP-B operate as a single ARTIC task, and require scant PC resources beyond initialization.
API  The qLAPB task communicates with a user application through a C-language Application Programming Interface (API) supplied with qLAPB. The user application usually resides in the host PC but it can be a task in the ARTIC card itself with additional use of Quadron's qCF Developer's Toolkit. Multiple high-speed LAP-B links can run concurrently with other Quadron-developed protocols running on the same ARTIC card.
Watch what's happening  Runtime statistics are automatically collected on low-level HDLC activity as well as the number and type of frames sent or received. A frame history buffer can be sized to meet your needs. It displays sent and received frame information, including frame time, size, address, type, control field values, and the first 8 bytes.
Reduce development costs  We've worked hard to make it easy for you to save time and money. Development is faster because you use industry-standard C compilers and don't have to deal with low-level ARTIC code. And it saves money because multiple tasks and protocols can run simultaneously on one ARTIC card.
Combine qLAPB with other Quadron software  You can use qLAPB by itself or you can combine it with Quadron's qCF, qX25 and qCOM software. This gives you the potential to individually configure each ARTIC port for a different protocol and different line speed.

With the addition of multi-tasking qCF, you can develop other custom, multiple, concurrently-running tasks on the ARTIC card. These ARTIC tasks use standard C library functions, including PC disk I/O, expanded memory access, console output, date, time, floating point math, and string manipulation.

Use our qX25 to support standard X.25 protocol communication lines. Additionally, we have qCOM, a basic asynchronous support package. It can be used to access numerous devices that use async lines, such as scanners, printers, bar-code readers, control monitors, or modems that connect to remote computers.
Technical support  Starting with sample programs supplied with the software, many programmers who are familiar with the LAP-B protocol, C language, and their operating system can immediately begin to develop ARTIC applications. If it's needed, free email, telephone or fax technical support as well as automatic program updates are available during the qLAPB warranty period.
Hands-on workshop  For customers who wish to lay the strongest foundation for development, Quadron offers a hands-on workshop for qLAPB. This one-day workshop is available either at our facility in Santa Barbara or at a location of your choice. The workshop is customized to match your application and give you a comprehensive view of qLAPB and ARTIC. It essentially provides an accelerated jump on your project.
Software requirements 

To develop and run qLAPB applications, you will need:

     Quadron qLAPB Developer's Toolkit
     Quadron qLAPB Runtime Support

For Windows NT, you will also need:

     Microsoft C version 6.0 or Visual C++ version 1.52 for the ARTIC
     Microsoft Visual C++ for the host PC

Hardware requirements  In addition to a host PC computer, most members of the ARTIC family of communication cards can be used. Contact Quadron for details.
What to order 

There are two qLAPB components, the Developer's Toolkit and the Runtime Support, both of which are needed to create a communications solution. Note that the OS/2 and DOS versions come packaged together.

Order the following for your operating system:

    Part # 9301 --- qLAPB Developer's Toolkit for Windows NT
    Part # 9201 --- qLAPB Runtime Support for Windows NT

How to order ARTIC hardware  Quadron also maintains a stock of ARTIC cards and components for sale and immediate delivery. Our technical sales people will help you select the combination that best suits your particular application.
How to learn more  Communication technology has been our only business since Quadron was founded in 1986. Since then, we've been assisting people with stock and custom software, training, and the finest ARTIC development tools. Phone, email or fax us any time.


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